Usage of acetone

The modern number of areas of usage of acetone suggests that it is a universal product that is suitable for use in almost all areas of life. Such popularity of raw materials is due to its ability to dissolve organic compounds and mix with any amount of water.

Acetone and its features

It looks like a transparent liquid with a specific odor. 99.5% or more acetone consists of pure substance. Other components in the composition are water, acids, methyl alcohol. Melting point – 95 C, boiling point – 56 degrees Celsius.

The use of acetone in industry

Due to its ability to dissolve nitro varnishes and nitro paints, the products are actively used in the paint and varnish industry, including for the production of quick-drying paints, compositions for car painting.

Acetone is used in:

  • Manufacture of varnish, smokeless powder, ink, glass, film, rubber, household and cosmetic products;
  • Production of chemicals: vinegar anhydride, methyl methacrylate, isophron, methyl isobutyl ketone, ketene oxide, mesityl, diacetone alcohol, etc .;
  • Preparation of nitrocellulose raw materials in the textile industry, creation of components for printing and dyeing fabrics;
  • Degreasing surfaces (thanks to this, the use of acetone is popular in everyday life);
  • Removal of salt deposits;
  • Destruction of anti-cellulose and rubber fibers;
  • Storage of acetylene in cylinders;
  • Disinfection of wool and fur;
  • Artificial leather production.

Household usage

The substance is found in nail polish removers, in compositions for cleaning textile materials from dirt. The use of acetone in everyday life is also required for degreasing various surfaces (metal, plastic, wood). Therefore, it is found in many cleaning products and liquids.

Application in medicine

There are many medical uses for acetone. It is used to isolate substances from plant materials (extraction) in the preparation of medicinal products. It is also used for the production of analgesics, the manufacture of medicinal films that can be used instead of traditional dressings to protect sutures after surgery.

Safety precautions using acetone

Regardless of where acetone is used, it must be borne in mind that:

  • The substance must be supplied in containers intended for this (cubes or barrels);
  • The composition is flammable, therefore, the facility must have powder or carbon dioxide fire extinguishers, sand, asbestos blankets. Water is not suitable in this case;
  • It is necessary to protect raw materials from direct sunlight;
  • It is necessary to work with the product in rooms with good ventilation;
  • When working with him, you must use respiratory protection (masks, respirators) and gloves.

For the use of acetone in medicine and other industries, only high-quality raw materials (with a high level of purification) are suitable. You can order products from reliable suppliers in our sales department or by leaving a request on the website.

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